Artwork by Sarah Wymer

The Red Wall

Our Artist – Sarah Wymer

Sarah graduated from Bard College in 2001 with a BA in painting. She then moved to Kauai to work as an artist. She opened a tiny studio and soon after, Sushi Bushido moved in next door. Victor was thrilled to offer Sarah a place to display her art, and a couple of paintings turned into more and more as Sarah continued to fill every single available space on the red wall. Sushi Bushido became her art gallery. When the restaurant moved to Kapaa, Sarah was in awe of the new HUGE red wall she got to fill with her paintings. Carrying on the red wall tradition was a must at the new Coconut Marketplace location.

Sarah then spent years in Phoenix, Arizona, working full time as an artist and has now moved to New York. She continues to find many different and sometimes unusual, places to fill with her paintings and is always looking for more. Her favorite rolls at Sushi Bushido are the Butter Me Up and Green Dream.

Sarah also accepts commissions!   Check out her contact information below