Sushibar - Sushi Bushido

The Sushi Bushido Story

Born and raised on Kaua’i, Victor Heresa Jr.’s passion for cooking started at a young age. He started working with traditional Japanese sushi in his early 20s. With his training in traditional sushi and experience over the last twenty-five years, Victor has created a mixture of traditional, contemporary, new wave, and local style sushi. He is well known for his original creations of the Golden Roll, Lava Roll, and many others. His unique and flavorful sushi and delicious lunch and dinner entrees have brought a following of Kauai locals and visitors.

Sushi Bushido opened first in Lihue in 2004. In 2009, Victor moved his popular restaurant to a larger location in the Dragon Building in Kapaa town. He is supported “behind the scenes” by his wife Karen and mother Vernie. He is the proud father of three active boys – Dyllon, Tytan, and Blake.

The meaning of Bushido

Bushido is the Japanese warrior’s code. Bu-shi-do means literally Military-Knight-Ways. Bushido encompasses a system of moral principles. The basic framework of Bushido consists of chi (wisdom), jin (benevolence), and yu (courage). Those instructed in the code learned through word of mouth and by example and were expected to discipline themselves according to it. The Japanese samurai had great responsibilities, honor, and privileges. The samurai sword was a symbol of their loyalty and honor.

Like the sword is to a samurai, the sushi blade is an important symbol of our craft at Sushi Bushido. Victor has enjoyed passing on the art of making sushi to others, as his Sensei did for him.

The RED Wall

Our Artist – Sarah Wymer

Sarah graduated from Bard College in 2001 with a BA in painting. She then moved to Kauai to work as an artist. She opened a tiny studio and soon after, Sushi Bushido moved in next door. Victor was thrilled to offer Sarah a place to display her art, and a couple of paintings turned into more and more as Sarah continued to fill every single available space on the red wall. Sushi Bushido became her art gallery. When the restaurant moved to Kapaa, Sarah was in awe of the new HUGE red wall she got to fill with her paintings. She currently lives in Phoenix, Arizona, working fulltime as an artist. Sarah continues to find many different and sometimes unusual, places to fill with her paintings and is always looking for more. Sarah also accepts commissions. Her favorite rolls at Sushi Bushido are the Butter Me Up and Green Dream. For more information, visit her Facebook, find her on, or email her at